Personalised Ribbon

Personalised Ribbon for your Clients

In this section of personalised ribbon for your clients, we’d like to suggest branded printed ribbons with your logo in order to convey that personalised touch and feel to your clients.

First impressions are paramount when presenting your products to your clients, Hence, when your clients first receive and unwrap their gift or/and product a neatly ribbon bound visual. This will give it that extra finish and stay with them and remember you for the next time they order. A personalised ribbon can make even simple products look elegant and luxurious, giving your clients a feeling of excitement when unwrapping it.

For example, I recently sent a customised scarf to a client. I chose a simple off the shelf wrapping paper. For my shop, I ordered pink ribbon with my logo in silver text that says “TopDeck”. Which conveys the same feel as my corporate ID throughout my business’s look. Just like my hang tags and woven labels.

Personalised ribbon can also be an elegant addition to your marketing plan. Both in a retail shop or setting up a stand at a craft fair. A ribbon with your logo will add elegance and finesse. Personalised ribbon are also handy for seasonal and holiday focus. It enhances the look of your products giving them a customised look. Ribbon featuring your company b-line or/and name can also be used in your packaging. This small detail can turn a standard looking package into something special and memorable.



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